Smash Mouth

2022 is upon us. Another fresh new reset of the month odometer! But this particular New Year is especially exciting and significant for Grammy-nominated, multi- platinum legends Smash Mouth…as it neatly coincides with a fresh new beginning for the San Jose rock/pop icons.This year welcomes a shockingly improved and utterly re-energized Smash Mouth with the proud introduction of their hugely-talented new frontman Zach Goode. The New York City-born, Los Angeles-based Goode boasts a dazzlingly impressive, never ending list of stage credits as both actor and singer. Smash Mouth is now poised to consistently deliver the best live show you’ll see in 2022. And in new recruit Zach Goode, Smash Mouth has landed the perfect commanding/veteran frontman who will return them to the top of the mountain. And keep them there.So buckle your seatbelt and brace yourself for Smash Mouth in 2022.
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